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Absolutely loved this. Ten 5-10 minute bitsy/IF games, all sketching out little moments and stories in a fleshed out loved-on setting... ideal videogame form factor. Thank y'all for making these games and inviting me into this world for a little while.


phenomenal. I highly reccomend it

Trying to run the game today and getting a strange error message - not sure if it’s an issue with my machine, a compatibility error, or a Windows bug.

chrome-extension://jfhcbaeoeanmcngdnmafjjloppebhafj/output/index.html “Your file couldn’t be accessed” error

Loved playing these games when they came out, btw!

oh thanks for the heads up! We're looking into it now... Very weird 


Looks like if you grab a new download it's fixed now!

Ah! Thank you very much - will let you know if we have any issues. <3

This looks really interesting I have to admit.  I've been told that you can finish the whole collection in a day, so ten dollars is a very steep price. But that is just my opinion.  However I am very intrigued

The games in their original form are all available here for free! If you enjoy them, paying ten dollars for this collection will get you the handful of bonus features noted above, as well as the satisfaction of supporting the four of us directly for our work. Many people have seemed to find that worth it, but we understand if it feels too steep!

Hope you give them a try and find something interesting there. :)

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I certainly will!  Thank you for letting me know.  Ill be sure to check them out..I do like to support indie devs


this is great. and with the commentary, it's even better. I had a very nice evening playing trough everything and I'm sure I'll do it again after a while. thanks a lot!


dis me:


ooooh that's glorious :3


This is such a great series. It reminds me a bit of Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr. Well done!


I loved reading the commentary :) this collection of games is really special.