Year 3999 Aboard The Adamant Gambit.

Made by Emma, Rose, Sean, and Carrie for the Variety Megajam 2021.



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absolutely incredible. Playing these games really opened my eyes on how to think about games. Incredibly well written and well made. Loved them!


Incredible series, truly enjoyed all these.


this whole series was so lovely... this was a nice way to end it <3


really great series!! great job all of u


Wow, what a series!!!!


What a great series! in concept and execution. Very happy i played through all of these. Thanks so much!


AWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank u for the journey guys.


This series was so cool, funny, charming, lovely, and sweet. Thank you for making it.


Seconded! It's been really great seeing all these perspectives on the lives of these people.